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Healthcare Marketing delivers MORE

Healthcare Marketing delivers MORE

“With millions of dollars in cutting edge technology behind us we still believe our strongest investment is in the people we employ. The collective knowledge within Sonic HealthPlus is helping to change the face of health, ensuring we deliver more care to more parts of Australia every day.“

Let us share with you some of the thinking behind the Sonic Health Brand positioning and how we applied for their MORE campaign.

Change Maker (Wizard) brands change the world by challenging norms and transform the mediocre. 

Outcome focused and driven, Change Maker brands are able to make dynamic change within their chosen field, presenting a fresh result from a new perspective or approach. They seek consensus about core values and maximise on the flexibility of the team to achieve these goals. Sonic HealthPlus is a Change Maker brand because they improve and transform the mediocre into something better through expertise and intelligence. From medicine to technology to personal knowledge, the presence of Sonic HealthPlus enhances the life of a person. They are constantly looking for ways to create change within the Health industry through their applied knowledge and skill, and engage with the community to make personal and widespread change.

The collective knowledge of people can change healthcare for the better in Australia

The fundamental element to their business is the knowledge, thinking, and skill of your people. They are a human brand because humans are their most important asset, giving the brand the equity it possesses. Whilst technology plays a significant role in Sonic HealthPlus and will assist with a diagnosis, research, demonstration or outcome, the process and thinking behind its application is human.

As such, we recommended that they utilise their most important asset in their communications by bringing it into the limelight. Take the opportunity to use real team members and their stories to create a genuine message about Sonic HealthPlus. This will help convey an endorsed element to every message, ensuring a relatable and honest tone no matter the medium.

Furthermore, the use of case studies will give background and insight to what their team does, injecting personality and credence to each Sonic HealthPlus message. Case studies not only showcase your brand, company and people, they can act as a basis for marcomms to ensure they approach each message with a sense of honesty and relevance to campaign headlines and themes.

What is the secret to a successful brand lead marketing campaign?

The secret to a Change Maker organisation isn’t the effective management of its assets – it’s the management of contextual ideas with a focus on industry development. Sonic HealthPlus is a place of experience, where team members have the knowledge to understand the ‘why’ of a situation and how knowledge and skill are linked to exact change. Information is no longer scarce and, unfortunately, when it comes to health information in the hands of the public, most Googled symptoms lead to unsafe self-diagnosis. As such, up to date information and the knowledge and power to apply it correctly to a situation must be embraced. The success of Sonic HealthPlus as a brand relies on the worth of its cultural consciousness – if team members grow and expand their knowledge, in turn, so will Sonic HealthPlus.

Read the case study here

Find out your point of difference that will give you your marketing advantage.

We love working in the medical space as for us we have the chance to use our marketing skills to help those people and businesses that help many many people lead healthier and more fulfilled lives.

If you want to find out more about how we can help you define what you are really selling then get in touch. We work with people and businesses from all over the world and help them be seen and heard.

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