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Handy apps to complete your “Rest of the Year” resolutions

Handy apps to complete your “Rest of the Year” resolutions


Who made a New Year’s resolutions list on the 1st January 2011 and totally forgot about most of them by the 4th January 2011? Well it’s not too late to put those great intentions back into practice. As Rodney Chester states in his Radar story in today’s Courier Mail, “Today is the 186th day of the year and since the weekend, we have been closer to the end of the year than we were to the beginning”. Well that doesn’t make me feel any better about it. You are either halfway through completing your resolutions or running out of time to put them off.

Radar is introducing a new tradition – the mid-year resolutions, otherwise know as the new year resolutions that you forgot about, but they are also offering some assistance to help you complete the year with ease. Yes, they have offered information on 10 handy apps on almost every topic to help you get your life back on track. It even includes a Bucket List app.

The list below is courtesy of the Radar section in the Brisbane Courier Mail.

1. MyFitnessPal (www.myfitnesspal.com)
The idea behind this is simple. Record everything you eat, and all the exercise you can do and see if your input outweighs your output. What probably makes the system so popular is that it has free apps for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows phone, so wherever you are you can log your food and drink intake as you go.

2. SmartCoach Mobile
The popular running magazine Runner’s World has launched an app (Android, iPhone) to help you set out a training schedule that could have you making the distance in your first fun run.

3. Livestrong Myquit Coach
Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong anti-cancer group is behind this physician-approved way of decreasing your cigarettes. This app (iPhone, iPad) has lots of positive reviews from people who say it has helped them kick the habit.

4. iXpenslt
It’s not only the start of the second half of the year, it’s also a new financial year. If keeping track of your spending is a problem, this (iPhone, iPad) app could help. Just tap it in every time you spend something, indicate what category, and come tax time it will generate a report.

5. 52 Organising Missions
Sometimes the simple act of tidying your desk can help you focus on the job at hand. So how focused could you be if you tidied your life? This iPad-only app takes you through various tidying challenges (like how to declutter 50 items from your home, five steps to detoxing your car) which could transform you.

6. My Christmas Gift List
Remember last Christmas when you got to the week before and it was a hectic rush, you vowed never to do again? This app (iPhone, iPad) will help you count down to Christmas by letting you list what gifts you want for those special people in your life. All you’ve got to do is buy them and tick them off.

7. Bucket List
This app (iPhone, iPad) gives you a template for your “Things to do before I kick the bucket” list. The examples are “buy a house” and “climb Everest”.

8. Mr Positive
Sometimes you can have trouble recognising your good points. This app (iPhone, iPad) presents you with one of 20 positive phrases to get you through the day. Of course the irony is if an app is the only thing telling you positive things, then you really need this app. Cost:

9. Communication skills to improve your relationship
This app (iPhone, iPad) is just a very simple list of tips, from “tone of voice is key” to “respond properly”. Seems like common sense but maybe not to everyone.

10. Conversation Starters – iTopics2:

Well it seems they have covered EVERYTHING. I am now armed with everything I need to revisit the hopes, dreams and wishes I set in motion at the beginning of the year and make some sweeping lifestyle changes just in time for 2012.

Yours in Rest of the Year Resolutions

Angie Rapisarda.


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