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Gender Stereotype Advertising

Gender Stereotype Advertising


Have you ever noticed, every time you turn on the T.V, go into a store, or look at a newspaper, you are accosted by gender stereotypes?

There are children’s Toy Commercials, which never show the fathers.  There are household cleaning product commercials where the woman is fretting over her mother in law coming over, god forbid, her house is “dirty”.  There are paper towel commercials featuring the mother cleaning up after her messy kids.

We aren’t giving our men much credit.  Most men spend hours in front of the television every week.  They also clean, cook and buy household products.  So why are these companies just marketing to the 1950’s Stepford wife, when she rarely exists today?

Which mother (or father) chases after their child or family pet after they have made a huge mess, wiping up their muddy tracks or spills while smiling and laughing and gazing lovingly at them? 

Also, we aren’t giving our women much credit. Women today live life.  They work, study and have a social life.  They can change their car tyre and oil.   They can build websites, play golf and also enjoy a beer.

 The only change I have noticed is in cooking commercials where we will see the male preparing a meal for his partner who has just arrived home from work.

What are your thoughts?

Do you feel Advertising and Marketing companies are doing enough to help close this gap?

Yours in Gender Stereotype Advertising.

Belinda Vesey-Brown About the author
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