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Form over function in car design

Form over function in car design

The latest Land Rover

The latest Land Rover, named Evoque, has broken with a long-standing tradition at Land Rover. Since 1948 all Land Rovers have been at least part time 4 wheel drive, and since the original Range Rover they all been full time 4wd.

This new, small, front wheel drive coupe has more to do with the fashion world that the mud-plugging abilities of its brethren in the Rover stable, whose reputation in off-roading is unsurpassed.

Having seen the success of European, Japanese and Korean soft roaders that look like a 4wd, but are not sold to do anything more than a family hatchback,
Land Rover enlisted Vogue to help them to launch their latest luxury lightweight into fashionable society.

Vogue came up with Victoria Beckham for the launch (she who was once spiced up, and is now cashed up, and with her own fashion label) to identify the new car as desirable to the target market. While the cognoscenti may sniff, Land Rover is now owned by Tata Motors, and their market extends to India and China, where too subtle marketing is a waste of time, and soccer and the Beckham name, is on the up.

It is a bold move, and one that should spin off nicely for the former Posh, if she has attached herself to a success story in Asia.

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