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I had a great conversation recently about leadership and how my role as the leader in RED-i Design has really changed over the years.  When I started my business I was the one that set the goals, talked to the clients and gave the direction. Now I have a few more leaders in the team running different areas and team, my role has changed and I find myself helping them more and more to become better leaders than actually doing much of the leading myself.

It is interesting that I never noticed this transition happening until I stopped and reflected on the year. I now realise every business leader will transition through similar steps, it is a result of growth. It really is exciting!

I am now mastering how to cast the vision of where I see the the business going in the future to my leaders and team, how to encourage my leaders to tell me things that I need to hear not what I want to hear and how to ensure that all my leaders are fulfilled and challenged in their role,s so like me, they can look back on the year and see how far they have come and what they have learned.

Business really is so incredibly rewarding, on so many levels.

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