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Fiat – another great advertising strategy

Fiat – another great advertising strategy


Fiat is asking people to picture themselves not in the car but on the car. Fiat is encouraging fans and owners to go to the fiat500.com website to secure their place on the 500,000th car by submitting a photo and story about their love of the model. This milestone model will carry the headshots (including mine and Paul’s) of 1500 people worldwide. It has just been built, 31 months after the 500 was launched. Pretty impressive hey!

The printed up car will be ready three weeks after the last headshot is added. But fans will have to get in quick as when we added ourselves this week there were only 150 spots left! ¬†And it’s only been up for a week! The car will then feature in all forthcoming events and international motorshows which means my headshot should see quite a bit of the world while I am here at work.

Meanwhile I will also make friends worldwide thanks to Fiat’s clever use of social media in this campaign. Fiat lovers around the world can unite and connect through Facebook! Each photograph and mini bio includes a link to the fan’s Facebook page, opening up the door to connect with like-minded people and continue celebrating the wonderful Fiat 500!

Trust Fiat to come up with such a great marketing strategy that really captures the essence of the brand. I hope our stories will be published somewhere, as I would love to read them all.

Yours in Design


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