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Facebook to announce email service today

Facebook to announce email service today

The rumors are rife that Facebook is to launch their email service today. The social network kings are hosting a press conference in the States today; and the lead up has the worldwide media’s tongues wagging already. But media aside, it’s the 500 million users who’ll really appreciate the impending news of Facebook’s next chapter of offering the ultimate in friend connections. And we thought Facebook Places was pretty cool!

With Facebook email, Facebook can ultimately leverage their existing media sharing and social networking by allowing emails to combine text, pictures, music and video in the one space using a personal @facebook.com email address.

Although one has to wonder, how much more of our private information do we want to trust with Facebook? And I guess the bigger question will be, how long will it take for Facebook to outrun Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo?

We will keep you posted on the next phase of Facebook as soon as more information is available.

But in the meantime … Facebook emails – what are your thoughts?

Yours in social media
Amber van Sloten

18.11.10 UPDATED NEWS: Inside Facebook has published some great blog posts that cover the new messaging system that’s due in a few months for Facebook users. Here’s a sneak peak:

“Facebook has announced an update to its in-house Messages application that will seamlessly integrate email, Facebook messages, SMS, IM, and Facebook Chat. The product will include a full conversation history from all the mediums, and a social inbox which filters messages according to what a user wants to see.”

Read the full story here or for a more comprehensive view, take a read of their In-Depth Review: Facebook’s New Message Inbox Product.

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