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An epic Hahn beer commercial

An epic Hahn beer commercial

I’m not a beer drinker, but after seeing this new commercial for Hahn Super Dry Beer, I might even be a little tempted to try it. Yes, Hahn has finally revealed its secret brewing process.

Forget the hops, barley, pure water and other ingredients that would normally go into the regular brews, this beer is allegedly made with no other than: kung-fu movies, professional wrestlers, a tower of trophies, a drum set made out of kegs, beer-filled fiberglass pumas and jacked-up DeLoreans which are apparently used to infuse the beer with an essence of “badassitude” that no other beer can match. The Knight Rider theme song is playing in the background. I was immediately very impressed and even curious about what it tastes like.

This is the power of advertising and anyone who can get me even curious enough to want to try a beer is a pure genius!

All jokes aside, I really loved this commercial and found it very entertaining and cleverly produced, but best of all, it’s Australian.

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