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“Enthusiasm as it should be – Loud Shirt Day at Hear and Say”

“Enthusiasm as it should be – Loud Shirt Day at Hear and Say”

Brio Group was recently invited to attend the launch of Loud Shirt Day at the Hear and Say Centre. After sponsoring hearing impaired, Rhylee, we’ve been actively involved in the centre’s events. One thing that really struck me walking through the Centre was seeing their interaction with the children and their parents was their enthusiasm.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, infamous American lecturer and poet once said “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” This is more than reflected through the Centre’s enthusiasm for what they do. Making such a positive impact on a child’s and their families lives is not a job to those involved with the Centre – it’s their passion. You can see this simply by asking the General Manager a few simple questions. It’s the communication through his words and body language. There’s a physical vibrancy that’s extremely contagious. The successful growth of the Centre and the increased contribution of the community can be relayed back to the incredible efforts of all those involved.

The enthusiasm and drive that the staff and volunteers exude at the centre is most certainly the driving force behind the achievements and contribution of the Hear and Say Centre. Upon arriving at playgroup you are instantly made aware of the ‘can do’ attitude of all involved. It’s a little bit magic 🙂

Yours in enthusiasm,

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