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Employment branding at its best

Employment branding at its best

For those slightly unsure, employment branding is a key part of the equation for long term recruiting and talent management. It’s important that when dealing with any element of your brand that there is a clear and defined strategy to what your brand is and how you communicate this not only to customers, but also to those you will employ. After all, these people are extensions of your brand and at times can act as the face of the brand. With a clear employer brand you can ensure you are attracting not only the best people for the job, but also for the company.

In today’s ever developing world, it’s important to think about the ways in which you can recruit and show your employer brand. Recently here is Australia, IKEA, one of the world’s 20 most attractive employers in 2011, worked with an agency to come up with this brilliant recruitment campaign. The result sure is outside the box and had some amazing results.

In short, they had a new mega-store opening in Sydney and needed to hire quite a number of staff, as you can imagine. A simple ‘career instructions’ was developed and placed into all of their flat packs. Customers literally delivered the mailer to themselves. They could then also share it with friends and family. What I love about this concept and what works so well, is the fact that straight away IKEA are targeting those that already love them. After all when you’re looking to hire employees that live and breathe your brand then it’s essential to ensure that your recruitment process identifies who will be a brand advocate and great hire and that is what IKEA has done. I also love how this simple flyer plays on the IKEA brand at the same time. We all associate IKEA with assembling the furniture with their instruction flyer and this continues the brand essence in a quirky and fun way.

With $0 spent on media and 4,285 applications, resulting in 280 hires, the results speak for themselves.



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