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Duke Nukem is back! After 14 years

Duke Nukem is back! After 14 years

Can you believe it?! After 14 years in production Duke Nukem is back… Forever!

I can still remember playing this classic arcade game on a 386 PC, and I think it still had the DOS operating system! At this point I suggest you watch a little video that shows the original version of the game to bring all those childhood memories flooding back…

OK, so did that bring a smile to your face?! The quality of the graphics, the speed of the load time, the cool sounds and the 2 dimensional interface all added to make the experience of playing Duke Nukem such an addictive one. I never got into the major role playing like World of Warcraft but I did enjoy playing my ‘nerdy’ arcade games!

Duke Nukem Forever has been in development for 14 years and it hasn’t been without its controversy and fall outs. The developers of the original game, Apogee Software evolved into 3D Realms who were doing the development of the new Duke Nukem Forever game since 1988. After 11 years of developing the game without a release in sight the company collapsed and the project was cancelled.

There was another company involved called Take-Two, who are a US games giant. Take-Two claimed they owned the publishing rights for the game and took it to another developer and has now been resurrected by US developer Gearbox Software which said it will be released on PC, PS3 and XBox 360. The thing that pops into my mind is that the PS3 and XBox weren’t even around when the game was started, so I wonder if they had to keep scrapping the code and start again as new technology became mainstream?!

Now the latest issue that has plagued this game release is the sacking of public relations company The Redner Group, after the company’s founder, Jim Redner, posted an angry tweet towards the press about some negative reviews of Duke Nukem Forever.

So that’s all about how the game got to this point, now for the game itself…

I have specifically put the trailer for the game at the end of my post because I want to raise a few points first. I guess I must be out of touch with the standards of games today if this one is anything to go by! As I mentioned earlier, I enjoyed the naivety and innocence of the original game. I knew it wasn’t real and although Duke was obviously intended to be some kind of a super human, I could clearly see that he was just a pixelated little object. NOW, he’s a super-cool muscle head! He’s got a serious attitude, he’s into sex AND he talks! That’s right, he’s into sex!!!

I have to say, I was actually shocked by the trailer and what I saw. For me, it just isn’t the same Duke Nukem that I remember. I think I’ll give this one a miss and hang on to the good memories I have of the simple little pixelated dude!

Yours in gaming,


Watch this video at your own peril. Rated M 15+

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