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Designer Shark Attack

Designer Shark Attack

I’m loving these creative wetsuits designed bydiddo.com

The first series of wetsuits released included a simulated shark attack to spook the unsuspecting bikini babes ‘relaxing’ on the beach and an anatomic musculature suit… which brings back fond memories of Robbie Williams’ video clip for Rock DJ. Now we can all look the part on karaoke nights.

The next range of wetsuits includes textures which could aid scuba divers to blend into their underwater surroundings. These seem very appropriate after a study by researchers at the University of Western Australia and the University of Queensland stated that sharks can only see in black & white – ‘sharks only have one type of photoreceptor in the retina, indicating they can only see in monochrome’. So the solid black wetsuits with fluoro highlights was a bad idea!

Yours in underwater fashion,
Amber van Sloten

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