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Denton vs. Rove

Denton vs. Rove


I’m not sure if anyone’s noticed lately but to me it seems like all the shows worth watching are coming from Andrew Denton’s production company Zapruder’s Other Films and the shows that make you want to scratch your eyes out are all coming from Rove McManus’s Roving Enterprises.

Now for those of us who are way too cheap or busy for Foxtel, commercial TV is pretty limited, so when we see fantastic, thought-provoking shows like The Gruen Transfer , Hungry Beast, and Denton’s pay TV 30 Seconds (which I admit I have not seen but from what I’ve read it looks hilarious), we’re pretty stoked. What annoys me is these fantastic shows are often squeezed into piddly 30 minute time slots and played at some obscure time of night.

Then we have such “brilliance” as the7PM Project, Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader (or “Fifth Grader” as the cool kids call it, P.S. when did Australia say fifth grader anyway…it sounds pretty Americanised to me!) and possibly the worst talk show ever created, Rove Live, sucking up prime time.

Seriously. These shows have a negative impact on my brain. I was actually smarter before I saw them. Talking ‘Bout My Generation can be added to the list of brain-destroying TV – even if Rove has nothing do with this one, its crapness should be noted.

Rove has become so egotistical and the panels on his show are much the same. They’re so wrapped up in their own “fascinating” lives that they’re too busy to notice that there’s an audience out there who’s ridiculously bored with their chit chat. Even when Rove has interesting guests on his program he speeds them through a quickie interview so he can get to the crappy games and weekly segments. Kill me now.

Thank you Andrew Denton for finally creating some intelligent TV and keep ’em coming. I must admit, being in the advertising industry does mean I have a slight bias towards shows that touch on this topic, but even if I wasn’t I’m sure I’d love your shows regardless.

Rove: please go away. You can come back when you’ve grown yourself a brain. And while you’re at it, say hi to your mum for me.

Yours in design,

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