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Dear Future Me…

Dear Future Me…

What would you say to your future self if you had the opportunity? Work harder, work less? Tell someone you loved them? Choose a different offer and see what could have been? As Steve Jobs said in his 2005 Stanford Comencement Speech: “We cannot connect the dots looking forward, we can only connect them looking backwards.”

Future Postbox allows you to write a letter to your Future Self or to the Future Self of someone else and have it delivered in 12 months time.

Creator Lee Crockford said: “The simple question behind Future Postbox is: ‘What would you say to the future version of yourself or someone else?’. It is a way for people to write a letter to themselves or to someone else that ‘time capsules’ their thoughts and feelings.”

“We’re seeing people using the site in many different ways,” Crockford said. “Some use it as a diary and post daily, others use it to send love letter to the future.”

“Especially given the time of year a large number of people are writing new years’ resolutions, too.”

Even if you aren’t brave enough to post your own letter,  there is a charm in reading the letters of those who have already posted a note to their Future Self.

Letters can be shared and viewed publicly on the site or kept secret. “It’s a shame that only a tiny percentage of people share their letters. There is some beautiful, hilarious, tragic and poetic writing out there!”


To my Future Self: Did you and your beau buy the house you’d been saving for? Did you begin planning your overseas adventure together? Did you play hard, love completely and live every day with passion and purpose? Did you finally give up gluten and how are you feeling? Did you finally accept that you’re worth it? Did you make sure to take time for you (no digital distractions, just time for you)? What did you read in the past year? What did you learn and what challenges are you excited for in the future?

So what would you say to your Future Self?

I guess when we have the opportunity to look back and ask ourselves these things we can start to feel accountable for achieving them so our Future Self has something to look forward to!

Yours in looking to the future,


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