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Could art be imitating life in Daybreakers?

Could art be imitating life in Daybreakers?

Who would have thought there was room on our video store shelves for yet another vampire movie?!

Daybreakers is an Australian epic, filmed at Gold Coast’s Warner Brothers MovieWorld. It’s a visual piece of art by the Spierig brothers, Michael and Peter. Michael is a graduate of Graphic Design and Peter a Film graduate. Teamed up as ‘The Spierig Brothers’, Daybreakers is their second film together.

Not only were the visuals awesome and the technologies thought up for a vampire world fascinating, what else appealed to me was the sense of metaphoric reflection of art imitating life. The metaphor being the vampires are depleting the human race by farming them for blood, likewise—just to pick one from our long list—we are overfishing to the point of adding more fish species to the evergrowing extinction list.

The vampires had a choice to save their race by choosing to intake a blood substitute, as we humans have the choice to go the vegetarian route (or a smarter approach to the way we’re currently living) to save our world’s ecosystems from deteriorating…

Daybreakers is out now on Blueray and DVD.

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