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Daft Punk mashup visualised in realtime

Daft Punk mashup visualised in realtime

I’ve always thought that mashups are somewhat of an art-form, but I’ve never properly understood the intricacies of how they are created. Web Technologist, Cameron Adams, has bridged the gap between sound and vision in his project Anatomy of a Mashup: Definitive Daft Punk visualised.

The site is dedicated to a mashup of 23 songs from Daft Punk’s discography¬†and visually explains the nuances that go into constructing a complex mashup from tiny pieces of songs. It shows the cutting, layering and levels, with a timeline down the bottom, showing where songs start and finish. The labelled rings in the centre visualise the music and correspond with the colours of the timeline. It’s composed using HTML5 and CSS3 technology so works best if you view it in Chrome or Safari.

Did I mention that it looks really cool?

Yours in visualisations,


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