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Coles gets a makeover

Coles gets a makeover

If you’re like me then you absolutely dread Sunday afternoons when it’s time to do the weekly grocery shop. I don’t know what it is but my partner and I just loathe going to our local grocery store – be it Woolies or Coles. We hate it so much that we even tried buying our groceries online, but the forward planning that was required didn’t really suit usĀ (thinking about what we might want to cook on a Thursday was way too far down the track). I’ve even whined to Darrell that grocery stores should adopt some of the shifty techniques used by retailers to entice you into their shops and linger as you’ll eventually purchase much more that what you came for: delicious aromas, soft music and lighting, warm temperatures. Yet my local Coles and Woolies make the temperature so unbearably cold and the music so incredibly crap – Shania Twain was blasting last time we were in – that I’m convinced they’re doing it deliberately to get you out of there as quickly as they can.

But recently I noticed something was different in my local Coles in Sunnybank. They’d started to adopt some rustic, market-style elements – wooden barrels, wicker baskets and thick timber displays on caster wheels – giving the “fresh food” section a slightly more appealing feel. Now I’m not saying it’s like going to an actual market and it doesn’t make the thought of grocery shopping much more appealing but it’s a step in the right direction. Somehow the food appears fresher and I did want to spend a little more time perusing the aisles.

You can check out what I mean at their Your New Coles microsite.

Has your local Coles gotten a makeover too?

Now if they could just turn the air con down a touch and put Shania CD back in the closet where she belongs I’d be stoked!

Yours in shopping,

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