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Clients we Love: Vast Furniture & Homewares

Clients we Love: Vast Furniture & Homewares

We at Brio Group love to take a look back at some of our most cherished clients, and the awesome changes in their brands. Vast Furniture & Homewares is one such client.

Vast Furniture & Homewares have been providers of quality, handcrafted timber furniture and culturally inspired homewares for almost 20 years. Yet in the face of category growth, Vast were on the ominous path to getting lost in the crowd.

Category growth due to the arrival of global competitors led to a battle of fierce marketing strategies and campaigns between leading furniture retailers in the space. Plagued by a lack of vision and inconsistent brand messages, Vast needed to refocus their brand strategy to create powerful cut through in the competitive market.

To affirm Vast as a serious contender in the market, we activated the brand’s Jester archetype with the help of our strategic partner Brandonian to create an emotionally driven and enjoyment-based brand strategy. This gave rise to a new positioning statement for Vast: ‘The Moment Makers’.

We knew furniture was an emotional purchase for customers; it’s a product that facilitates a sense of togetherness among family and friends in the home. After all, most memorable moments in life happen around or while interacting with some piece of furniture in the home.

Think back to your first kiss on the couch, or last year’s Christmas lunch around the dining table. These moments are special to us, and they wouldn’t have been quite the same without the couch or table. This is where the idea of Vast being ‘The Moment Makers’ came from this. We’re selling the moments enabled by the furniture, as well as the pieces themselves.

In our repositioning of Vast, we focused on their marketing using a ‘lived-in’ look. We didn’t want things to look too polished or perfect – after all, we want to show these pieces as belonging in a home, not in a model unit in a housing estate.

Imperfection – a just-worn shirt, a chair pulled out from a table – creates a sense of homeliness, and tells the story of an individual’s life. This invites the audience into the space, allowing them to be a part of these moments.

Transforming Vast into  ‘The Moment Makers’ refocused the brand’s strategic vision.

No longer were they just another ordinary furniture store competing on price. They became poignant, fun-loving, and helped to create the life their customers wanted. After all, life is to be lived, and by highlighting this Vast ensure they now stand out in the crowd.

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