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Carlsberg Cinema Bikers Stunt

Carlsberg Cinema Bikers Stunt

Carlsberg and advertising agency Duval Guillaume put together a brilliant viral commercial, by pulling a prank on unsuspecting movie goers. They filled a cinema with 148 of the baddest biker boys they could find and only left two seats left, smack bang in the middle. The reactions are priceless, as you will see, with some choosing to walk away and others taking their seats. Those who were brave enough to venture through the scary crowd were treated to a spotlight beam, a round of applause and you guessed it a cold bottle of Carlsberg Beer, while the movie screen shows the phrase ‘That calls for a Carlsberg’. The fun campaign has been hugely successful and has had over 7,000,00 hits alone.

The question I pose to you, is would you take a seat if you were faced with this situation?



Your’s in awesome advertising,

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