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Budweiser pool ball

Budweiser pool ball

Just when you thought you had seen all the combinations possible for sports, think again. Budweiser have invented their own nightclub sport known as Pool Ball.

This is a clever marketing stunt by Budweiser who has been very active of late with their viral marketing campaigns. The idea of the “sport” is to combine football (soccer for us Aussies!) with pool, a pub classic. The playing field installed in the bar shown in the video below is a 7 metre long Astroturfed pool table complete with soccer balls that have been painted to represent a full set of billiard balls.

Check out the video below:


As marketers of alcoholic beverages, companies need to be quite careful and highly targeted and strategic in their social media marketing efforts given the worldwide differences in legal drinking ages and the company’s social responsibility to prohibit their advertising being viewed by minors.

I think this video is one of the better viral videos I have seen for quite some time, it’s use of popular sports to promote their product is well executed and very entertaining.

Where can I play?

Yours in clever viral videos,


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