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Brisbane faces history-making disaster

Brisbane faces history-making disaster

It’s times of a crisis that the true Australian spirit shines. Today in Queensland we are bracing for a history-in-the-making flood. One that is expected to out-do the infamous 1974 floods. And while the rivers are bursting with angry, powerful water, the community is overflowing with support. Volunteers, carers, neighbours and friends are rallying to come to the aid of the elderly, young families and the hundreds of helpless animals in shelters. I’m filled with an overbearing urge to help … I think this natural reaction is stirring in Australians nation-wide and I trust the clean up in the coming weeks will truly see the Aussie spirit at its best.

But today, the city is slow, sleepy and the streets are bare. The Brisbane river is rising and rising, swallowing streets, businesses and hungrily making its way to 20,000 houses.

There’s an eerie calm. It’s a waiting game of the worst kind. The sun is shining, but there is a darkness creeping through the air. Businesses, public transport, petrol stations are limited, most have closed down. There is no milk, bread or necessities left in the supermarkets. The rest of the city, along with our also-affected neighbouring townships, are bracing themselves for a big night, and a bigger tomorrow.

The baby boomers are reminising the 1974 tragedy and see it has history repeating itself. For us Generation Ys, this is certainly the largest tragedy of a local kind that Queensland has faced. Today and the coming days will be etched in history.

My thoughts, blessings, and energy are with everyone and their loved ones currently facing this terrible disaster.

Yours in community spirit,


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