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Brio Group celebrates Rhylee’s ‘Switch On’ Ceremony at the Hear and Say Centre

Brio Group celebrates Rhylee’s ‘Switch On’ Ceremony at the Hear and Say Centre


Everyday at Brio Group our team works hard to help our clients’ businesses grow, blossom and become the best they can be. This is made possible because of our amazing team, who together become the life force of Brio.

One day we asked: what if we could use our skills to help people on a larger scale – to really make a difference to somebody’s life every single day? Enter: 365 Ways We Care – Brio Group’s Charity Program.

Our team goal is to donate a percentage of our turnover to a charity every financial year. So the more successful we become, the more people we can help!

Last year Brio Group supported the Fred Hollows Foundation – a wonderful independent and non-profit organisation that focuses on blindness prevention and Australian indigenous health. We gave the gift of sight to the equivalent of 545 people – smashing our team goal of 365 – which was one for every day of the year.

This year we’re proud to announce that Brio Group has set a team goal – to support the Hear and Say Centre by sponsoring a child. This will allow us to help give the gift of sound and speech, changing our sponsor child’s life forever. We’ve just met Rhylee, a 4 year old boy who lives in the south of Brisbane, who’s journey we will follow over the next 12 months.

Yesterday we were invited to join Rhylee’s family and friends at his ‘Switch On’ ceremony where his cochlear implants were switched on for the very first time. It was an incredibly moving experience to see Rhylee hear again and see the beginning of his sound and speech training.

Rhylee hasn’t always had a hearing loss – Rhylee passed his newborn hearing screen test only for his parents to find his speech wasn’t clear at 2 years of age. Rhylee’s hearing has deteriorated over the past 6 months, so much that hearing aids are no longer strong enough and cochlear implants were needed for each ear. Rhylee’s friends, family and the dedicated staff at the Hear and Say Centre are all working hard to help him regain his hearing and improve his speech as he begins prep next year.

The Hear and Say Centre is one of the leading Paediatric Auditory-Verbal and cochlear implant centres in the world. Since 1992 the Centre has taught children who are deaf or hearing impaired to listen and speak.

The Brio Group team felt really inspired to support the Hear and Say Centre, and Rhylee, as we believe helping a child to communicate is one of the greatest gifts we can give.

Check out the pictures from Rhylee’s ‘Switch On’ ceremony.

To learn more about The Hear and Say Centre, visit their website at: www.hearandsaycentre.com.au

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