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Branded Fashion – inspiration for the design

Branded Fashion – inspiration for the design

Teaching branded fashion this semester at Billy Blue College of Design has resulted in me uncovering the story and inspiration behind many established and young fashion designers. In particular we discuss the connection behind their design philosophy and how that transfers to their work and builds their brand. One fashion designer that I will explore this week with my students is Aitor Throup and in particular his Goggle Jacket.

Throup is fascinated by anatomy and drawing, which have a big impact on how he designs his clothes. ‘My work is primarily about finding a reason to create or design anything. I am interested in justifying all design features and I avoid gratuitous detailing’ he notes.

His design process is distinct. First he draws characters and then ‘I convert those characters and their defining characteristics into wearable versions of themselves so that any design features are dictated by the character and its relevance to the story. That is where the drawings come in. I don’t believe in decorative values. I believe in origin, process and innovation.’

Aitor is inspired by sport and military clothing and hearing him discuss the design of the Goggle Jacket in this YouTube clip is really inspiring. (ps. keep an eye out for the Fiat 500)

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