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Botox – or ‘boytox’ – on the rise in males

Botox – or ‘boytox’ – on the rise in males

According to leading studies, and my own personal experiences, women aren’t the only ones benefiting from botox. Since launching in the UK nearly 15 years ago, botox has become the fastest growing treatment in the cosmetic industry.  Now the secret is out that men can have lines erased on their lunch break, the numbers are on the rise, and rightly so in my opinion! Provided you had the resources and inclination, why wouldn’t one indulge in a little ‘real life re-touching’? Whilst I’m only 25, I can certainly see myself in the future ducking out on my lunch break for a quick touch-up.

The process involves injecting a botulinum toxin-A, a bacterial nerve poison, which enhances men’s appearances by using a ‘freezing’ effect. It takes only half a dozen injections to iron out lines around the eyes and freeze the forehead, with the effects being visible in 48 hours.

Of course, there are the potential downfalls of the procedure, which can include headaches, double vision or sagging facial muscles. These are mostly avoided by using quality professionals with good credentials.

As the newfound phrase suggests – why should woman be the only ones concerned with looking good and the signs of aging. With an increase of nearly 50% over the last 12 months, men no longer need be ashamed of a little “boy-tox”.

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