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Art & About

Art & About


Throughout this month, October 09, Sydney has been delivering an art extravaganza. With a full events program in action open to the public, there is never a dull moment on the streets of Sydney.

Take a stroll in Hyde Park and you’ll see bold imagery of Sydney life from all walks of life/culture in photographs printed on large format canvases with the trees as the backdrop.

Lining the streets in the CBD, hanging on the street banners, is the ‘Open Gallery’ exhibiting 10 striking and colourful new works by Aboriginal artists from NSW.

The Museum of Contemporary Art was jam packed with works by Australian Artists; young and old, emerging and established.

Even the laneways have been decorated by contemporary local artists commissioned to create conceptional installations using random thought provoking medium such as; prosthetic skin applied to the brick walls complete with implanted hair and even a heartbeat if you dare to touch it; a canopy of bird cages hanging from the skys; living plants and structures meshing together to form potential urban spaces.

My laneways pilgramage ended on what I thought was the highlight, I encountered an array of used items recycled to form a structure against the wall. From a second floor walkway adjoining the buildings on either side of the laneway hung boats, mannequins, cars, road signage, fence posts, water tanks, etc. It was almost like an eye-assult which stopped everyone in their tracks, keeping them engaged. My eyes were wide dancing around the crazy jigsaw puzzle of recycled materials. It evoked an infectious smile which all the viewers around me wore with the same wide eyes. This installation also doubled as a bar at night serving ‘Greenhouse Punch’ and ‘The Storm’.

I was only in Sydney for a few days entertaining myself as my partner attended a conference. The rain held me back from lots of outdoor art events including checking out the sculptures lining Bondi Beach and I know lots of the greater events were scheduled for late in the month.

To view the full program of events go to www.artandabout.com.au

Share with us your experiences of Art & About in Sydney, I’d love to hear what I missed out on, but don’t rub it in too much!

Yours in Design,

Belinda Vesey-Brown About the author
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