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Applications you can find online

Applications you can find online

The web has become an interesting melting pot of application design and development.
Before the web, applications were held captive by the terrible desktop. They could only be installed by manhandling multiple 3.5 inch hard disks or CD’s that would end up with more track-marks than a junkie.
Documents produced by desktop apps that had to be shared were difficult to manage. Two people could not work on the same document without making multiple copies and trying to figure out a way to distribute them.
Desktop apps do have their place of course – for example they are very secure (very difficult for hackers to compromise something they can’t access remotely), but the web has enabled the application to be accessible wherever you are – on your computer, your friends or your iphone (if your luck enough to have one!)
Web Apps have even bagged themselves a website that hands out prestigious, badge-rific trophies for innovative web apps (Im pretty sure desktop apps don’t have the equivalent, their badges would be 256 color gifs anyway).
The 100 top Web apps for 2008 can be viewed at Webware

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