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Apple antennae woes!

Apple antennae woes!

Poor Steve Jobs, I really felt for him this week having to announce that unfortunately Apple is not perfect. I nearly cried!

After hearing what he had to say at the press conference though, I kind of felt like it was a bit of bad form from him. All he basically said was, “sure Apple isn’t perfect, but neither are these guys that I am pointing the finger at who are nowhere near perfect in any shape or form.” OK, I might have embellished that a bit!

BUT, it really shouldn’t have come to Steve putting on his trademark jeans & T, getting on stage and presenting that the whole phone industry is flawed—I feel that it really comes back to the media that reported the antennae flaw about the Apple iPhone without researching about other phones that have the same (or worse as Steve pointed out) issues. If the media had done the research then Apple wouldn’t have had to save face on their own product as it would have been a non-starting story! One has to wonder if Bill Gates is behind such a scandal!!!

Regardless of this minor setback for Apple, I will be lining up for the new iPhone 4 when it hits Australia shores! And I won’t be putting an ugly ‘bumper’ on it! Why would I purchase a product, that I have purchased because of the aesthetic quality of the design and then cover it up with a hideous rubber thing!

Cupertino, I still love you!

Steve Jobs iPhone 4

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