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Animation in television advertising

Animation in television advertising

If you’re like me, you’re probably so accustomed to television advertising that you very rarely actually stop to watch how the commercial was made. I saw a fantastic new advertisement this week which prompted me to think about just how many tv ads are now being created that contain animation as opposed to physical elements and people.

The animation that we are starting to see in TV advertising is nothing short of amazing, with technologies and designs that are generally saved for the big screen being added to the budgets of companies the world over. Once I began to pay attention to the advertising I was watching, I soon realised that not only was animation used in commercials across a broad range of industries and products – I found that virtually every commercial I watched contained at least an element that was animated.

I think it shows how accessible animation is in the current marketing space and how marketing of product and services is moving in this general direction, where animated characters, as opposed to actual actors, are promoting product.

I have searched around and found an awesome and fun example of how animation is being used in advertising. Enjoy!


How many TV ads have you watched lately that use animation?

Yours in animated awesomeness,


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