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Amazing Astounding Stop Motion

Amazing Astounding Stop Motion

Being a fan of nicely done stop-motion, I came across this video clip in a recent youtube browse. Not only is the effect beautiful and perfectly achieved, the song is pretty catchy too. To the untrained eye, the production just looks like a cool music video, but if you sit and think about the patience and accuracy it must have taken to make, it’s mind blowing. Every single movement of anything in frame is a still picture taken from a fixed camera. The subjects must remain in exactly the same position until the next shot, where they (and the props) get to move a millimeter and then freeze until the next shot, where they get to move another mm and so on. The video goes for 3.5 minutes, and the number of seconds, let alone fractions of seconds, required to make this is enough to make anyone squirm in their seat from impatience. But the hard work certainly paid off, with a beautiful and original music video. Definitely my fave creation of the year.


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