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Alexander McQueen leaves a legacy in daring fashion design

Alexander McQueen leaves a legacy in daring fashion design

This morning the news broke that the world has lost an inspiring creator, British fashion designer Alexander McQueen – the creative genius who wasn’t afraid of the shock factor or letting his imagination run wild.

His immense creativity and boldness can be applauded. Saluted even. To design you need vision and creativity. McQueen had that in bucket loads, he also had a distinct braveness in his creations. This allowed the world to embrace his unique, daring designs or at least question them over some good banter by the water cooler.


Who could not stop and stare at his reptile heels dubbed the “armadillos” that paraded down last year’s spring/summer catwalk? I recall curling my feet up and squinting at the sight! But, let’s face it, art has replaced practicality here … and I’m sure most girls would agree that they too would be curious enough to given these 12-inch almost alien-like heels a whirl (indoors and alone of course).

It comes as little surprise that always-the-fashion-curious Lady Gaga was one of the first celebs to slip her feet into McQueen’s otherworldly 12-inch heels in her video Bad Romance.

McQueen had a cult following that fellow designers admire and envy. The four-time British Fashion Designer of the Year winner has now left a legacy of weird and wonderful fashion as well as a swag of other fashion and fragrances that epitomise beauty. May we take inspiration from this fashion great and add imagination and creative purpose in all that we create.

Yours in design,


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  • I struggle to imagine how anyone would ever comfortably wear these, and as you’ve mentioned they’re hardly practical… But McQueen has taken imagination and creativity and made something unique and beautiful in its own right. Lady Gaga is the perfect person to showcase these.

    November 21, 2016at8:29 pm

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