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A campaign to die for: Illamasqua’s ‘Toxic Nature’ colour collection, Autumn 2011

A campaign to die for: Illamasqua’s ‘Toxic Nature’ colour collection, Autumn 2011

As a make-up lover (yes, make-up is another addiction of mine!), I am often disappointed by the majority of advertising campaigns the high-end make-up brands deliver into the market space every year. They’re often the same drab looking old ads: a model – or in some cases, a celebrity – perfectly manicured within an inch of her life so she appears in the glossy spread without so much as a wrinkle or enlarged pore, wearing foundation, a ho-hum eye colour, mascara that promises the impossible and a glossy pale lip (or if they’re feeling dramatic, a vampy red lip … oooh-ahhh!). You know the kind of ad I am talking about … if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

So when I came across Illamasqua’s Autumn 2011 collection called Toxic Nature, on a blog today (make-up lovers can read about the collection here), and saw the amazing collection’s accompanying advertising campaign, I sat up … and squealed with delight!

Not only is the makeup collection great, but the new ad campaign is TO DIE FOR! Finally! A make-up campaign that makes you think about what else you can do with makeup other than a nude lip and a smokey eye! Yes, unlike the stock-standard makeup advertisement would have you believe, the possibilities to makeup are endless, and it excites me that Illamasqua (a relatively new brand on Australian shores) has decided to showcase its amazing products in and amazing way that allows each product in the collection to shine … oh and the ads are just beautifully art directed; feast your eyes on these:

(Images via The Lip Print)

The campaign reminds me of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, however a much grittier and grown up Alice, and suits the name of the collection, Toxic Nature, and Illamasqua’s tagline “make-up for your alter-ego” perfectly. I am impressed. It’s about time make-up advertising got interesting! Now let’s see if the other leading brands take note!

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