3 key pillars of Annual Report design

Tanya Heading Branding, Communication, Design, Writing

An annual report can be a game changer, helping to move markets, start a media frenzy and inspire confidence across the board. Needless to say, an annual report is one of the most important vehicles for internal and external communications a company can produce.

They contain the kind of rich information that can have a lasting and positive effect on staff and other stakeholders. So, it is essential that an annual report is both organised and engaging.

Using structured layout design, copywriting, editing and photography, we are able to craft annual reports with impact and truly bring the year’s activity of your business to life. From traditional high quality printed publications through to online digital apps, we have the expertise to put hard facts and impact you’ve made onto the page.

Here are the three key pillars of annual report design Brio Group uses in our client’s Annual Report designs:

 1. Reporting Infographics

Infographics are essentially the old-fashioned flow charts concept presented in a more engaging way. They are a visual way of displaying statistics and facts about your services in a way that tells a story. They make a great, easily digestible feature within your official Annual Report document. For not for profits who need to communicate achievements to donors, an infographic is a great way of sharing how their money has benefited the community.

2. Bold brand colours

It’s time to break away from pages of white space with black text and no colour. If you want your Annual Report to inspire your stakeholders make it something magnificent that reflects your brand and the energy of your organisation.

Through integrating bold colour palettes that are in keeping with your brand and highlighting its visual style, it will make the whole Annual Report document come alive. Bringing colour and contrast into the report page design, we’re able to encourage reading of important aspects of the report, and visually break detailed information down into more digestible chunks of content.

3. Show your people

Bring the people and personalities of your organisation into your annual report. Too often we get lost in the financial details and we forget to include the stories of the people who work within the organisation, and those that benefit from your services.

Work with your design team to discuss how to showcase your people through case studies and achievements, and what these reflect about your organisation. For example, a staff member retiring after 40 years may not seem relevant to stakeholders, but it showcases loyalty, a strong team, and organisational gratitude.

If you are a service industry then showing the faces of your organisation could make a huge difference in how your Annual Report is received and its success as a marketing document, or retention and attraction tool for donors.

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