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Archibald Prize 2010

Archibald Prize 2010


Painting is such a wonderful medium. From photographic realism to expressive interpretation, there are so many ways to explore paint on canvas. Everyone has a different opinion on what works and what doesn’t, which makes the prestigious Archibald Prize also one of the most controversial!

Sam Leach was crowned this year’s winner, for his portrait of singer/songwriter Tim Minchin. With bare feet, heavy makeup and a wary gaze, the portrait captures Minchin’s edgy and quirky personality. But some critics weren’t happy with this year’s selection.

John McDonald from The Sydney Morning Herald thinks that “thereĀ are years when the Archibald winner is so obvious it stands out like the proverbial canine undercarriage. Then there are years like this, where there is no natural choice and very little to get excited about.” (http://www.theage.com.au/)

It seems that since its beginning in 1921, the Archibald prize has always been surrounded by controversy: who should have won, who didn’t get a look in, who was favoured this year, what style was preferred last year. It seems we are still yet to learn that art will always be subjective and it is probably something we will never agree on. So let’s just enjoy the discussion and cherish that, in a world where technology rules, the good old canvas and paint still gets a look in!

Check out the winner, finalists and history of the award at the official Archibald prize website.

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