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10 Gadgets that Changed the World in 2010

10 Gadgets that Changed the World in 2010

Technology makes great strides every year, but in 2010 gadgets brought us much closer to the future of our dreams. Below are 10 devices that changed the world for the better.
1. The Apple iPad
Announced in January, only to be mocked about its name, the Apple iPad has silenced its doubters. More than seven million have been snapped up around the world, including more than 200,000 in Australia.Google reports the tablet’s unusual name became the fastest-rising search term in consumer electronics.
2. Xbox 360 Kinect
Microsoft promised it in June 2009 and late this year it delivered.
3. 3D televisions
In home-entertainment circles, 2010 was the year of 3D. The trend arrived on Australian shores on April 12 when Samsung became the first TV maker to bring 3D plasma and LCD screens Down Under.
4. Miniature cameras
Advanced digital cameras just keep shrinking – and this year they shrank into unprecedented forms.
5. Addictive apps
With the Apple, Google, BlackBerry, Windows and Samsung app stores begging for new apps to feed hungry phone users, it’s little wonder that 2010 gave birth to some of the most innovative programs for mobile phones.
6. National broadband
A select group of Tasmanians this year plugged into a national network that could change the way we live.
7. Big-screen smartphones
Touchscreen phones were big last year, but never as literally as in 2010.
This year a handful of phones bucked the miniaturisation trend and grew in size. While these phones remained slender, displays grew to four inches or more.
8. Small tablets
They didn’t make the same impact as their 9.7-inch rival (that would be the gadget at number one), but small-sized tablets are arriving and thriving.
9. eBooks for everyone
Electronic books trickled into Australian hands last year through Amazon.com, but the trend truly took off in 2010 when more digital tomes became available locally.
10. More channels
Remember when TV lovers had just five channels available? This year an extra three free channels appeared.

I wonder what Gadgets will change the world in 2011.

Source: The Brisbane Courier Mail.

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