How To Better Reach Your Audience Through Mobile Websites

Today’s technology now allows your business to be closer and more attainable than ever with your audience, thanks to the mobile magic of smartphones. Neilsen recently reported a rise in smartphone ownership in Australia (43% of online Australians now own smartphone), and it’s safe to say the mobile web is no longer a concept. Never before has optimising your website for smartphones been so important.

In fact industry analysts project that within a few years mobile phones will overtake PCs (and Macs!) as the most common web-accessing device. To get your business’s website up to speed with this technology, we’ve asked Brio Group web developer Lee Wallis to explain how your business can extend its reach to your audience by having a mobile-optimised website.

Q: What’s the difference between a website and a mobile website?

A:  The main difference is the design and way in which the data has been structured. Mobile websites need to be small, to the point, and optimised for performance.

Q: My website can already be viewed on a smartphone, isn’t that enough?

A: Short answer, yes. But is what the user sees exactly what should be happening? Do you have rollover images on the page? Are your navigational items drop down menus? Well, unfortunately these functionalities will not work on a smartphone because they don’t have a cursor or mouse. This is just the start of differences between mobile websites and full-scale websites!

Q: What are the benefits of having a mobile website?

A: With 43% of online Australians now owning a smartphone, the chances of users seeing your website via these devices are extremely high, and that statistic is only going to grow. Your mobile audience can now browse your website when they’re on-the-go, so locating contact details, maps, or company information is now at their finger tips - wherever they may be! Smartphones are not a 'craze' that will die down in the not to distant future ... welcome to the future!

Q: How do I make my website optimised for smartphones?

A: Talk to our experts at Brio Group to find out how to have your website optimised for smartphones. We'll explain to you exactly what is needed and what we can do to make sure whoever is seeing your content, is seeing it as its full potential.

Q: Does a mobile website improve SEO rankings?

A: Unfortunately mobile websites that are built are generally not made to rank number one on Google. What we do at Brio Group is use your main domain for everything - including mobile websites! So when a user visits your site at and they’re on an iPhone, Blackberry etc they will see the mobile version that we can create. If they are using a normal web browser, then they will see the full scale website. And we use all our SEO techniques on your main domain name for better rankings in Google.

Q: I already maintain my website through a CMS, how do I update my mobile website?

A: The best part about this is, it's the same way! All your content will be based in your CMS and the mobile version will extract the necessary updated data as needed.

If you’d like to learn now to better reach your audience through a mobile-optimised website, please contact the Brio Digital team on 1800 8710 8710.

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